Teen Drivers: Selecting Auto Insurance And Keeping Them Safe

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Teen Drivers: Selecting Auto Insurance And Keeping Them Safe

Adding teen drivers to car insurance policies not only raises rates, but also your level of worry as a parent. This worry is not unfounded. Studies show that teens driver are a higher risk for their first few years of driving.  However, you can reduce your rates and stress. Here is what you should know about car insurance and good student discounts.

Qualifying For Good Student Auto Discount

WBR Insurance offers a good student discount for drivers 16 to 24. The student drivers must be full-time high school or college students and maintain a minimum B average.

To see if your student driver qualifies, you will need to provide proof of academic achievement, such as a current grade card or a form signed by a school administrator. If the student is homeschooled, the results from a standardized test, such as the PSAT, SAT or ACT, may be used, and the student must be in the top 20% of that test’s national performance.

Once your student has met the qualifications, WBR Insurance can assist you in selecting an auto insurance plan that properly covers your teen driver, and help you find the discounts that apply to your situation.

TIP: Safest Cars for Teens in 2018 – When you and your teen are shopping for a new car, safety should be top priority. Here is a list of the top safety picks by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety: http://www.iihs.org/iihs/ratings/TSP-List

Keeping Your Teen Driver Safe


Studies show that parent’s have the greatest influence on their teen’s driving habits. Having clear rules and expectations set out in a written driving agreement can go a long way in establishing safe driving habits. Consider including the following components in the driving agreement with your teen.

  • Temporary Restrictions – Place temporary restrictions on your teen drivers driving with other teen passengers and your teen drivers driving at night. By gradually granting privileges over time, you help protect your teen driver from the highest-risk situations while they gain valuable driving experience.
  • Unconditional Rules – Establish unconditional rules for unsafe driving with consequences if your teen driver breaks them. Address consequences of drinking and driving, distracted driving, not wearing a seat belt and speeding.
  • Trip Conditions – Establish who, what, when, where, and why for all of your teen driver’s trips – including what to do if plans change. Establishing trip conditions gives parents of teen drivers the power to grant use of the car or exceptions to rules.
  • Consequences for Violations – Use specific examples to make sure your teen driver understands what will happen if they violate the driving agreement.

TIP: Safety tips for Parents of teen drivers- Thinking about your teen driver behind the wheel may make you anxious, but the key to raising a responsible teen driver is being a hands on mentor. Here is an additional teen driving resource to help. https://wbrinsurance.com/five-rules-to-safer-teen-driving-virginia-beach-insurance-2/

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