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WBR Insurance Recognizes The Amazing Small Businesses We Work With For National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day (#MOM&PopBusinessOwnerDay) is observed annually on March 29th. This day honors small, independent, family-owned businesses. The holiday began when Rick Sega wanted a way [...]

Insurance Coverage Every Virginia Beach Small Business Needs

With the wide variety of insurance products available, selecting the right coverage for your small business can be difficult. Determining the right insurance for your small business depends on your [...]

Preventing Injuries in the Office–Virginia Beach Insurance

Workplace accidents not only effect the injured employee, but also cost your business in terms of lost productivity and possibly increased insurance premiums. Employee injuries are not limited to those [...]

Is Your Small Business Prepared for a Flood?

Flooding is often associated with large natural disasters such as hurricanes Isabel or Katrina. However, for small businesses in Hampton Roads, just a few inches of water from heavy [...]