5 Tips for Protecting Your Home and Belongings While on Vacation

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5 Tips for Protecting Your Home and Belongings While on Vacation

5 Tips for Protecting Your Home and Belongings While on Vacation

According to the FBI, a home is burglarized every 15 seconds. Don’t become a statistic; take these 5 simple precautions when you leave for your next vacation and you’ll be more likely to come back to find your home just the way you left it.

1. Make Your House Look Lived In

Having unread newspapers littering your front yard is basically a sign to a potential burglar saying, “Come on in! Not only are we on vacation, but we’re also out of touch with current events.” Instead, go to the post office and hold all of your mail services.

2. Ask a neighbor to park in your driveway

Put your car in your garage and ask your neighbor to leave their car in your driveway at night while they’re not at work. This will make it look like you’re still living at your home and leaving for work every day. If you don’t know your neighbor very well, now is the time. Sharing emergency contact information with a neighbor while you’re on vacation is an excellent supplement to a good home security system. Kindly ask them to keep an eye on your property while you’re out and return the favor when they go on their next vacation.

3. Don’t close the blinds or drapes in every room

Closing every blind or drape makes your home look staged. It also looks inviting to burglars who want to be protected from view once inside your home. Keep your blinds and shades as they would normally be.

Social Media Protection

A study in Time magazine stated that 78% of burglars use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to choose where they’re going to break into next. How can you protect yourself on social media while you’re on vacation?

4. Wait until you get home to post pictures

You may feel the overwhelming need to let your friends know that you just saw the world’s largest ball of twine, but resist the urge to post your pictures. Your photo settings may have geotagging enabled, which lets crooks know exactly where you took your picture and when. In other words, posting pictures while you’re on vacation is a broadcast to the world of exactly how far away you are from your valuables.

5. Don’t post upcoming travel plans on social media

This allows potential burglars to know ahead of time what days you’ll be gone, meaning they’ll know exactly how much time they’ll have to safely enter your home and take what they want.

Remember to take these precautions for your next vacation, and you’ll be better protected from a potential home invasion.

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