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Preventing Injuries in the Office–Virginia Beach Insurance

Workplace accidents not only effect the injured employee, but also cost your business in terms of lost productivity and possibly increased insurance premiums. Employee injuries are not limited to those who work with heavy machinery or perform manual labor. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics over 76,000 office and administrative workers are injured on-the-job every year.

Common Office Injuries

In an office environment slips and falls are the most frequent cause of injuries. Other common injuries in an office setting include:

  • struck by or caught by an object
  • ergonomics injuries
  • vision problems

Situations in offices that can lead to injury include:

  • cords across walkways
  • leaving drawers and cabinets open
  • climbing on chairs
  • objects falling from overhead
  • nonadjustable lighting, furniture or equipment

Preventing Office Injuries

For business owners preventing common injuries before they occur is not only cost effective, but in many situations requires minimal modifications in the workplace. Here are some tips to reduce the risk of office injury:

  • Outline appropriate dress code for assigned job and identify any safety equipment required.
  • Purchase adjustable office furniture and equipment.
  • Clear unwanted clutter away from heavily traveled areas.
  • Properly secure and cover cords.
  • Install convex mirrors at intersecting hallways/corridors and blind corners to help reduce collisions.
  • Place carpets at entranceways or on slippery surfaces.
  • Provide step stools and ladders for reaching items.
  • Schedule breaks to reduce repetitive injuries, back injuries, and eye strain.
  • Shut drawers and cabinets.
  • Train on equipment use.
  • Dim overhead florescent lights and provide task lamps.

When An Office Injury Occurs

Despite preventative measures, accidents will still happen. Record all injuries. When a claim occurs fill out the appropriate accident report, take photos if needed, and submit to your workers comp insurance carrier.

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