Honoring Our Flag

//Honoring Our Flag

Honoring Our Flag

Honoring Our Flag

With Flag Day this month, let’s take a moment to learn something new about Old Glory!

In honor of Flag Day this month…Did you know?

  • The US flag should be on display from sunrise to sunset. It is only to remain up for 24 hours if properly lit and for a patriotic purpose.
  • When displayed on one staff along with other flags, the US flag should always be on top. If in a row, the US flag should be equal to other nation’s but higher than state or local flag.
  • On special days such as Memorial Day, the US flag must be flown at half-staff, which means it is raised to the top and then lowered halfway down. 
  • When saluting the US flag, those in uniform as well as veterans and armed forces members not in uniform should render the military salute. All other civilians present should put their right hand over their heart or hold their hat across to the left shoulder, which also allows the right hand to rest on the heart. 
  • When storing the US flag, you must always fold it in the traditional triangle, never crumpled up.
  • When disposing of a worn US flag, you must fold into the traditional triangle and place it in the fire, while those who are present salute, say the Pledge of Allegiance, and have a moment of silence. 
  • The US flag should never dip for anyone or anything. 
  • You must never let the the US flag touch the ground or use as clothing, decoration, or cover. It should always fall free, never tied up.
  • The only time the US flag should ever fly upside down is if there’s an emergency. 
  • You must never carry the US flag flat or with any items in it.  

These flag facts, and many more, were found in military.com‘s Flag Etiquette And The U.S. Flag Code. https://www.military.com/flag-day/flag-ettiquette-dos-and-donts.html

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