Helpful Tips for discussing Texting and Driving With Your Teen

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Helpful Tips for discussing Texting and Driving With Your Teen

Texting and Driving

In 2012 a recorded 421,000 accidents were due to distracted driving, 21% of 15-19 year old fatalities while driving were from cell phone use. Answering a simple text message can cost you five seconds of eyesight off the road. At 60 miles an hour that would be 440 feet of road you are missing while sending out a quick message such as “hey.” The National Safety Council’s research finds about 1/4 of car wrecks and $10,000 of expected damage occur from drivers using their phones instead of paying attention to their surroundings.

1) The first step for addressing the problem is demonstrating good driving practices yourself, since auto safety applies to everyone.

2) For the casual cell phone user, begin by placing the phone on silent to avoid contact via text messaging or phone calls, or simply turn off the phone completely.

3) The message can wait until you have reached your destination or have pulled off the road in an appropriate area, such as a parking lot.

4) For a compulsive texting habit, download a text prevention application. Some popular apps will actually disable texting when the driver has reached a speed of at least 25 miles per hour.

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