Preventing Fires at Work–Virginia Beach Insurance

//Preventing Fires at Work–Virginia Beach Insurance

Preventing Fires at Work–Virginia Beach Insurance

On a daily basis it is important to be aware of potential fire hazards, knowing how to handle situations in the event of the outbreak of fire, and having an escape plan in your place of work.

It’s a wise practice to check your fire detectors around the workspace to ensure they are working properly on a weekly basis. Often fixed extinguishing systems such as sprinklers are checked during scheduled inspections. However, be aware of potential hazards or faulty equipment, as they should be inspected and reported for workplace safety.

While not all workplaces require fire extinguishers, it’s great to have one as an option with fire safety. Training should be given to employees on how to use an extinguisher in the event that a fire breaks out. Aside from extinguishers, training needs to also be included for safety exits and having fire drills. A designated leader should be selected in the workplace to conduct an orderly and safe exit from the building or area.

It can also come down to being responsible as an individual employee. Ensure that you are not plugging too many cords into an outlet. Don’t use damaged, frayed, or bent cords. Throw out trash so that there are less objects that can easily burn. Always have clear walkways so that no one trips or slows down upon exiting. It’s also good to replace old or outdated equipment that overheats or has a potential of causing fire.

These are great practices to train and come accustom to so that you can be a knowledgable leader and informative towards others for fire safety in your workplace. Being aware of the potential of hazards and the results of their damage can help you become prepared if there ever is a fire where you work.

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