Don’t Wait For a Crime to learn the Value of Your Belongings: Tips to Prevent Crime

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Don’t Wait For a Crime to learn the Value of Your Belongings: Tips to Prevent Crime

Waiting until a crime affects you is too late to learn the value of your belongings. Entire home burglaries often result in thousands of dollars in reported theft damages. Think about the cost of a flat screen television for example. You would end up paying double in costs for replacing the same new television in the event of burglary without protection. Some items cannot be replaced regardless of value. They are often rare, family collectables or heirlooms passed down from generation to generation.

Communities with a neighborhood watch program have lower rates of crime by keeping an eye on suspicious persons or behavior. These programs work together with neighbors and local police to prevent or report crime.

Another source is your community’s Non-Emergency Number. Physical descriptions, license plate numbers, and vehicle information can help when reporting crime. Suspicious behavior warrants your attention. If you see activity or someone out of place call 757-427-5000 for the Virginia Beach non-emergency police number, 757-441-5610 for Norfolk, and 757-247-2500 for Newport News.

Here are some tips on preventing crime:

Your Home:

  • Most crimes are crimes of opportunity. Lock the doors and windows to the outside of your house.
  • Make sure your garage door is shut, as some items are overlooked but are valuable while sitting in your garage.
  • Keep a porch or front light on to deter possible crime. Well lit areas should be kept around your home.
  • Lock away jewelry, portable electronics, credit cards, check books, other banking information, social security, and other credentials that are susceptible to identity theft.

Your Car:

  • Lock your vehicle and stow away all objects that have a potential of theft. This includes wallets, purses, GPS, portable devices, and other valuables.
  • Park in your driveway or a well lit area.

To be prepared, register items with insurance and keep track of serial numbers by writing them down. Items such as televisions or computers often come with instructions on how to do so when purchasing them. Bicycles should also be registered and kept with a bike lock. This will make reporting theft and filing an insurance claim easier.

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