Halloween Safety Tips to Keep in Mind This October!

//Halloween Safety Tips to Keep in Mind This October!

Halloween Safety Tips to Keep in Mind This October!

The time has come for tricks and treats and spirits roaming the streets. Check out these Halloween safety tips as to not mask yourself to the non-supernatural dangers on Halloween night.

  1. If you find yourself at a party indulging in spirits (and not those of the undead variety), make sure you have already enlisted your Designated Driver for the end of the night, or driving services such as Uber or Lyft to stay safe.
  1. After all the spooky celebrations have disbanded, be very aware of those on the road. 38% of fatal accidents that happen on Halloween night are due to drunk drivers.
  1. Before you become the victim of a drunk driving accident, you’ll want to make sure your auto insurance is up to date. Let your insurance agent help!
  1. Some people enjoy tricks rather than treats on what used to be known as All Hallows’ Eve. Vandalism of houses spikes on this night, so be sure you have renewed your homeowners insurance as a preventable measure.
  1. Make sure your homeowners insurance is up to date before leaving the house to take the kids trick-or-treating. On this particular spooky night, home burglary increases considerably. Consult with your insurance agent today so you can be more concerned with treats than tricks this upcoming Halloween. 
  1. If treats end up turning to tricks and your house becomes the victim of a home burglary, you’ll want to be sure your home inventory list is current. Having an up to date list makes filing claims much simpler. 
  1. Halloween brings all sorts of characters out and about who may present a danger to your vehicles. Avoid leaving any visible valuables in your car. As an extra precaution, if your house has a garage, consider parking your car in there for the night.
  1. When taking your children trick-or-treating, make sure to keep track of them as they can easily get lost in the masked crowds. Also, keep them out of the streets since reckless driving hits its peak later on throughout the night.
  1. According to The Virginian-Pilot, trick-or-treaters must be younger than 13 and accompanied by an adult at all times. While the collection of Hampton Roads cities vary in start times for trick-or-treating, all cities end the candy-collecting around 8pm. 

Remember these safety tips and have a wonderfully wicked Halloween!

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