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5 Smart Insurance New Year’s Resolutions–WBR Insurance

While making smart insurance decisions may not be the most exciting New Year’s resolution, it is probably one of the most important. With the new year comes the possibility of opportunity and growth. However, the new year also brings 365 days of the unexpected.

Being prepared to protect what matters most in your life can go a long way to keeping the unexpected from derailing your family. Here are five smart insurance resolutions to make sure you’re covered and prepared for what the upcoming year may bring.

1. Review your Homeowners Insurance policy

Carve out an hour or so to look over each of your insurance policies and identify any gaps in coverage. [https://wbrinsurance.com/guide-to-virginia-beach-homeowners-insurance/] For example, if you originally insured your home for $100,000 but after making several upgrades over a decade coupled with rising home values in Virginia Beach you’ll realize it will now cost $200,000 to rebuild. That is a substantial gap in coverage. Reading over your annual policies helps to ensure that your policy adapts as your life changes.

2. Get Long-term Disability (LTD) Insurance

Accidents happen and many people do not think about the potential outcome of becoming permanently disabled. According to the U.S. Census, 1 out of 5 people will become disabled for at least some period of time. An even more shocking statistic from the Council For Disability Awareness suggests that the average long term disability claim lasts about 30 months. Long-term disability will help supplement your income should you find yourself unable to work for an extended period of time due to disability.

3. Ask about discounts or new ways to save 

There could be a substantial amount of savings buried within your insurance policies that you’re missing out on. Whether your health improved or you maintained an impeccable driving record, there may be pockets of savings in your insurance policies that you’re unaware of. In addition, many of the products that WBR Insurance offers provide multi policy discounts.

4. Make the most of medical and dental coverage

Take advantage of the preventative care benefits that your health and dental insurance policies provide. Regularly schedule your dental cleanings and annual health examinations. Preventative care can go a long way to maintaining good health and ultimately financial stability.

5. Get Renter’s Insurance

Renters can receive many of the same protections that homeowners do. Do not rely on your landlords policy or assume that you would receive coverage under their policy. Whether you rent in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, or Newport News, Renter’s Insurance can protect you from damage to personal property caused by accidental fires, flood damage, or theft. This is especially important for college students who do not yet have financial stability to recover from these types of losses. <https://wbrinsurance.com/2015/07/renters-insurance-guide-for-college-students/>

Kick off the New Year better prepared

Don’t get caught this new year without adequate insurance coverage. Look at your insurance as a safety net protecting you from the unexpected. Reevaluating your policies on an annual basis will help you save money and minimize stress when life’s complications happen. WBR Insurance can help you evaluate your insurance needs and recommend the best policy changes or additions that make sense for you and your family. To get a free quote, give us a call at 757-340-0028 or visit our website www.WBRInsurance.com.